• PAYG instalment concessions

    If you report and pay PAYG instalments quarterly, you can choose to pay instalment amounts we work out for you. The amount we work out is printed on your quarterly activity statement or instalment notice. This can save you time in working out the amount you need to pay.

    You can choose the GDP-adjusted instalment option in your first quarter of the income year (usually, this is the activity statement or instalment notice due in October). Once chosen, that option applies for the whole of the income year. If you choose this option, you must pay the amount shown at label T7 on your activity statement or instalment notice.

    If you are a full self-assessment (company or superannuation fund) taxpayer that is a small business, you can choose to pay your PAYG instalments using the GDP-adjusted option. Individuals are automatically eligible to use the GDP adjusted option.

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