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  • Get ready for STP2 reporting

    Single Touch Payroll (STP) has been expanded, we have now introduced STP Phase 2.

    As an employer, you’ll need to report more information about your employees each pay day. You can do this through your payroll software.

    We’ve worked closely with Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and most payroll software is now ready for STP Phase 2 reporting.

    Contact your DSP to check that your payroll software is ready. If you’re not prepared for STP Phase 2, your registered tax or BAS agent can help.

    To learn more about the changes to STP, we’ve developed some simple, detailed guidelines to help businesses just like yours get it right. We also have some resources designed to help you with your STP reporting obligations.

    STP is designed to help you work with us more effectively by making payroll reporting simpler for you. We share the information we collect through STP with agencies such as Services Australia.

    Last modified: 15 Mar 2023QC 71828