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  • Operating your business from home

    We understand with social distancing and trading restrictions a lot of small businesses may have made the decision to operate their business from home.

    What expenses you can claim

    If you have operated your business from home, you may be able to claim tax deductions for home-based expenses such as utilities, depreciation and in limited circumstances occupancy expenses such as rent and mortgage.

    If you find that you are incurring a range of expenses, make sure you are aware of what you are entitled to claim. Government incentives such as the instant asset write off and other deduction entitlements may benefit your business.

    Expenses can sometimes be part business and part private use. You can only claim a deduction for the business portion of the expense – this is called apportionment. You need to show how you calculated whether your expenses were related to business or private use.

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    Managing business losses

    If your business is experiencing a loss for the first time or over multiple periods it is important that you understand how these losses can be reported and managed.

    Keeping up to date and payment options

    Make sure you lodge your income tax return and Business activity statements to enable you to claim all deductions available to you.

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