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  • Accessing the SBSCH service

    To access the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) you'll need a secure 'authentication credential' identifying you as someone who can act on behalf of your business.

    Use the following information to work out which authentication credential and online service fits your business situation.

    Your situation:

    Alternatively our flow chart (in Portable Document Format) will help you decide the best way to Access the SBSCH (PDF, 119KB)This link will download a file.

    Please ensure you read which devices our online services are compatible with.

    Small business operator or sole trader with an ABN

    The Business Portal

    The Business Portal is how businesses engage with us online. In the portal you can:

    • prepare and lodge activity statements
    • manage your accounts and update your business registration details
    • send and receive mail through a secure mailbox
    • make super contributions for your employees.

    The Business Portal can only be accessed using a secure authentication credential that:

    • identifies you to act on behalf of your business
    • establishes a secure environment for online transactions.

    You have a choice of three credentials:

    • Manage ABN Connections via myGov
    • AUSkey
    • myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) – available in public beta for eligible businesses to try.

    Manage ABN Connections

    Manage ABN Connections allows you to connect one or more ABNs to your personal myGov account. You can use your myGov login to access government online business services for both personal and business use. It can be used anytime, anywhere, and from any smart device.

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    An AUSkeyExternal Link provides you with an authentication that links to the device (computer or laptop) or USB you choose to download it to. The credential is restricted to that device or USB and is unable to be used on mobile devices.

    There are two types of AUSkey – Administrator and Standard. The Administrator AUSkey provides the ability to:

    • manage AUSkeys associated with the ABN, including your own
    • register someone else for an AUSkey allowing them to use online services on behalf of your business.

    Each AUSkey is linked to an ABN. You will need a separate AUSkey for each ABN you are associated with. There can be multiple AUSkeys for different people for the same ABN.

    From April 2019, AUSkey is only compatible with Chrome and Firefox (with plug-in/extension) browsers. You may need to download the AUSkey installer for Chrome and Firefox.

    AUSkey will be replaced in April 2020 by the myGovID authentication credential and Relationship Authorisation Manager service.

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    myGovID and RAM (public beta)

    myGovID is a secure proof of identity app that allows you to log in to, or apply for, a variety of government online services like the Business Portal. Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) helps you manage who can act for you or your business when accessing government online services.

    Together, myGovID and RAM will replace AUSkey and Manage ABN Connections by 31 March 2020. To prepare for the change, ensure your ABN details are up-to-date in the Australian Business Register.

    You may be eligible to take part in the public beta and try the new way to access the Business Portal. To find out if you're eligible, see Try a new way to access government online services. Only a limited number of government online services are available to access but this will increase over time.

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    Individual employer or a sole trader without an ABN

    You can manage your tax and super in one place using our online services for individuals and sole traders. All you need is a myGov account linked to the ATO.

    A secure myGov account lets you link to a range of Australian Government services with one username and password.

    The link to SBSCH will be available on the home page once you have logged in and linked to ATO Online services.

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    Non-individual employer or a sole trader with a WPN

    Registered withholder payer number (WPN) holders or their professional advisors are able to complete the SBSCH – Employee list spreadsheet (XLSX, 56KB)This link will download a file and email it to our mailbox.

    To ensure we process your super payment quickly, type 'WPN HOLDER' in the email subject line.

    The internet is not a secure environment and we cannot guarantee the privacy and security of information you send to us via email. When replying by email, make sure that you only send us the information we asked for.

    My tax professional lodges SG on my behalf

    If you choose to use a registered tax or BAS agent, they can continue to manage your super guarantee (SG) obligations on your behalf using the SBSCH in the Tax or BAS Agent Portals, or Online services for agents.

    I no longer wish to use the SBSCH

    If you have a requirement to pay SG for your employees, but no longer wish to use the SBSCH, we recommend you contact your super fund to discuss alternative SuperStream compliant lodgment methods.

    You could also contact your tax or BAS agent as they may offer this as part of their services.

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