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  • How to access the SBSCH via online services

    Find out how to access the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) if you're a:

    Small business with an ABN

    The SBSCH is available in the Business Portal, which is the main tool for businesses with an ABN to interact with us online.

    Log in to the Business Portal

    Are you unable to see the SBSCH in the Business Portal - Manage Employee menu item?

    Follow these steps if you are unable to see the SBSCH in the Manage Employee menu:

    1. Click on the 'Access manager' menu item in the Business Portal
    2. Use your authentication credential to log in to Access Manager
    3. Under 'Access and permissions', click onto the appropriate name
    4. Under the 'ATO Transactions' section, next to Small Business Super Clearing House make a selection to 'lodge' and/or 'view'.
    5. Click Save.

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    Accessing the Business Portal

    Secure access to the portal is through either of the following authentication credentials used to identify you and your business:

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    Giving your employees access

    If you need to authorise someone else (such as a staff member) to use the SBSCH on behalf of your business, you can grant them authorisation using AUSkey Manager. To do this you'll need to be an Administrator AUSkey holder or connected myGov user with Administrator access.

    This applies for both types of authentication credentials, Manage ABN Connections and AUSkey.

    You'll then need to set up permissions in Access Manager to allow standard users to access to the SBSCH.

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    Managing your employees access

    To manage your employees' access and permissions for services in the Business Portal, including the SBSCH, use Access Manager.

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    Sole trader or an individual who employs others

    For businesses without an ABN or individual employers, access to the SBSCH is through your myGov account linked to ATO online services.

    This includes:

    • sole traders who employ workers in their business
    • employers of people such as carers, nannies, cooks, or gardeners.

    Once you have logged into myGov, and selected the ATO services link, you will go to the ATO online homepage and the SBSCH will show as one of the tiles listed.

    Log in or create a myGov account

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    Non-individual WPN holders and others unable to access our online services

    A small number of users or their authorised representatives will not be able to access the SBSCH online. This includes:

    • non-individual WPN holders including school canteens, sporting clubs, international entities and embassies
    • WPN holders who use a BAS agent
    • individual WPN holders who are represented by another person such as a family member or trustee
    • all others who are ineligible to access our online services using myGov or unable to obtain an AUSkey.

    We are putting in place a process to support your access to the SBSCH service.

    If your tax agent manages your super obligations, they will access the SBSCH through their online channel.

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    Tax agent

    The SBSCH is available in the Tax Agent Portal. With appropriate permissions set and a client in focus, select the Manage employee's menu item.

    Log in to Tax Agent Portal

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    BAS agent

    The SBSCH is available in the BAS Agent Portal. With appropriate permissions set and a client in focus, select the Manage employee's menu item.

    Note: BAS Agents can only use the BAS Agent Portal for clients who have an ABN, and so cannot access the SBSCH for their clients who have a WPN. You can call us on 1300 660 048 and we can process your transaction manually.

    Log in to BAS Agent Portal

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