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  • Small Business Superannuation Clearing House FAQs

    This guide answers frequently asked questions from users of the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH).

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    Why do I get an error screen when I try to log-in?

    To avoid any problems when logging in to the SBSCH, please use the following link and then click Log in to the Clearing House.

    How do I change my authorised contact?

    Only an authorised contact can access a SBSCH account. If you have changed your authorised contact you will need to update this under the Employer Contacts screen.

    If you are the new authorised contact for an account and have not been provided the log on details, you will need to provide a certified ASIC business registration certificate and statutory declaration in order to be provided with the user ID and a temporary password.

    This will allow the new authorised contacts to access the SBSCH account to update Authorised contact details and security questions. Please call the SBSCH on 1300 660 048 for further information.

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    How do I unlock my account?

    You will need to reset your password.

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    Why don't payments come out via direct debit?

    The SBSCH does not accept super payments by direct deposit; you must use either BPAY or EFT.

    The banking details that were provided during registration are only used if the SBSCH needs to return money to you.

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    What if I didn't activate my password in seven days?

    You will need to call the SBSCH general enquiries line on 1300 660 048 to have the initial activation link resent to you. This can only be requested by an authorised contact recorded on the SBSCH account.

    How do I reset my password?

    At the SBSCH logon page, go to the Logon Assistance section and select the I have forgotten my password or would like to change my password link.

    If you are using Windows10 please open Internet Explorer before following the password change procedure.

    You must have completed the security questions set-up in order to reset your password online. If you have not completed the security questions set-up, please call the SBSCH on 1300 660 048.

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    How do I solve issues with my browser?

    If you are experiencing issues with Internet Explorer, please try an alternative internet browser.

    How do I change a payment instruction?

    You can review your existing instructions by clicking on History. To amend an existing instruction, that payment has not yet been made for, you will need to select the Overwrite button. This will cancel the existing instruction and initiate a new instruction.

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    Can I make more than one payment and instruction in one day?

    If you make multiple payments within one working day, the deposited amounts are totalled at the end of the day and matched to a payment instruction.

    For example, if you deposit $50 at 10am and then $80 at 2pm, the total deposited amount of $130 is matched to a payment instruction.

    Please remember:

    • only one payment instruction can be processed at any one time,
    • the payment status needs to show 'payment made' before making your next payment instruction
    • the amount deposited must exactly match your contribution instruction.

    Failure to do so will result in your payment being returned to your nominated bank account.

    Only one payment instruction can be awaiting a payment at any one time. Please wait until the payment has been matched before creating a new payment instruction. Failure to do so will overwrite and cancel the existing instruction.

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    Why have payments been returned?

    Payments may be returned for a number of reasons, including

    • the amount deposited does not exactly match the total amount in the payment instruction,
    • the payment has been rejected by super fund on the basis of insufficient or incorrect information provided
    • invalid bank account details have been recorded for an employee's SMSF.

    The primary authorised contact will receive an email from the SBSCH explaining why the payment has been returned.

    If a payment has been returned by a super fund, further information can be found by logging into the SBSCH account under the Action list screen.

    The SBSCH will hold on to returned super payments from a fund for seven business days to allow authorised contacts time to update fund details for the employee. If details are not updated within the seven business day time frame, the returned contribution will be returned to the nominated bank account registered with the SBSCH account.

    The SBSCH will help you to resolve any errors and return the payment to the correct super fund. For assistance, email or call 1300 660 048.

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