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  • eInvoicing for tax professionals and business advisers

    Tax professionals, including accountants, bookkeepers and business advisers, play a critical role as:

    • trusted advisers for small-to-medium sized businesses
    • a source of advice on running a business.

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    Benefits of eInvoicing for you and your clients

    Peppol eInvoicing, or simply eInvoicing, is an opportunity for you to increase your service offer by providing current advice and enhancing your clients' digital capability.

    eInvoicing will standardise invoicing, enable process automation and reduce manual entry. It will increase your efficiency and productivity, and help you to shift your focus to higher-value services – for example, helping your clients to:

    • transform their business processes though digital technology
    • meet their reporting obligations
    • improve cash flow and resilience.

    This will help your clients to run their businesses smarter, save them time and money. It will also give them a safer, more secure channel to send and receive invoices than email.

    Consider making eInvoicing a priority for you and your clients to support future business growth due to its many benefits.

    Getting your clients started with eInvoicing

    Follow these key steps to help your clients get started with eInvoicing:

    • Know your clients’ business process and rules.
    • Understand your clients’ effort and cost per invoice, and invoice volumes by supplier and value. Determine if eInvoicing will benefit your client. If it does, make eInvoicing a priority.
    • Check to confirm your and your client’s system/software capability. Major SME accounting software packages have eInvoicing capability.
    • For your small business clients, refer to the ‘How to get started’ guidance on
    • Help your clients set up for eInvoicing in their software.
    • Test with a few trading partners to start and help your client to onboard other trading partners to the eInvoicing channel.
    • Start communicating about eInvoicing with your clients, their suppliers and customers. Encourage them to start using eInvoicing – the more businesses are connected to the Peppol network, the greater the benefits are for everyone.

    Next steps

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