• AMP Ltd demerger calculator

    AMP Ltd demerged HHG PLC on 23 December 2003.

    If you were an AMP Ltd shareholder on 23 December 2003, this calculator will help you work out capital gains and losses for your 2003-04 tax return.

    What action do you need to take?

    After using the calculator, you may find you need to:

    • request an amendment to your 2003-04 tax return
    • adjust your tax records relating to your net capital loss carried forward to later income years
    • include amounts at the capital gains tax label in your 2003-04 tax return (if you have not yet lodged it).

    Companies, trusts and superannuation funds

    For information about what to do for companies, trusts and superannuation funds, phone 13 28 66 and follow the 'capital gains' prompts for assistance.

    Individual shareholders

    For more information, access the AMP Ltd demerger calculatorExternal Link and click on the link What action do you need to take?

    Cost base reports obtained before December 2004

    Did you use this calculator before December 2004 to obtain a cost base report?

    If you used the AMP Ltd demerger calculator before December 2004, your 'AMP Shares - cost base report' may be incorrect if:

    • your two largest parcels appear one after the other in the report
    • these two parcels contain a similar number of shares (to within 10 shares).

    If your cost base report has these features, you should re-use the AMP Ltd demerger calculator to obtain a new cost base report.

    If you have disposed of your AMP shares, and the cost base report you used to calculate your capital gain or capital loss was incorrect, you will need to recalculate your net capital gain or net capital loss.

    If you have already lodged your tax return and the net capital gain is incorrect you will need to amend your tax return. For more information on how to do this, phone 13 28 61 and tell us you need an amendment due to the anomaly in the AMP Ltd demerger calculator.

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