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  • Jobs screen

    After you have selected a fund, you will be taken to the Jobs screen. A job is the file for work performed for a fund for a specific year.

    You can start a new job from this screen or view/edit existing jobs.

    Jobs screen 1

    The first time you enter this screen, it will not contain any information apart from the fund name and ABN at the screen header.

    Select New Job.

    New job

    Once you select the New Job button from the Jobs screen, you will see the Year of Audit screen. You need to select a year from the drop-down list, then select Next.

    Jobs screen 2

    The year of audit drop-down list will only display years that are valid. If you have already created a job for the fund for a year, it will not be displayed in the drop-down list.

    Selecting a year that the CAS is not available for (that is, pre-2008) and then selecting the Next button will result in the following dialog message being displayed.

    Jobs screen 3

    You have three options available:

    • Select the Contravention Report button. This will create an ACR for the selected year and move you to the Contravention Report Fund Information screen.
    • Select the Audit Complete Advice button. This will create an ACA for the selected year and move you to the Audit Complete Advice screen.
    • The Cancel button will close the window and take you back to the Year of Audit screen. This will not create a job for the selected year.

    Jobs screen 4

    You can create a new job, change status, delete a job and revise a report.

    • To add a new job, select the New Job button.
    • To change the status of a job, select the job then select the Change Status button.
    • To revise a report, select the lodged report then select the Revise button.
    • To delete a job, select the job then select the Delete button. The Delete button is disabled if there are any lodged reports or advices for the selected job.
    • Notes can be added once in a job. If a note exists, it will be shown in the notes column and can be opened.

    The New Job button is enabled at all times.

    The Change Status button will only be enabled when a job is selected. If the job status is Completed, the information in the job will be read-only and you will not be able to make changes to the job until you change the job status to In-Progress.


    If you do not have any reports for a job, changing the job status to Completed will help protect your work from being inadvertently deleted.

    End of attention

    The Revise button will only be enabled when:

    • the job status is In-Progress
    • there is no 'In-progress Report type', and
    • you have selected a Lodged Report.

    Jobs screen 5

    A job can have a job status of In-Progress or Completed and can have a number of report types associated with it.

    Jobs screen 6

    Report types for ACRs include:

    • In-progress Report
    • Lodged Report
    • Revised Report
    • In-progress Revised Report.

    Selecting a Lodged Report (or Advice) and the Next button will take you to the view of the stored (and locked) Lodged Report.

    Jobs screen 7

    ACA types include:

    • Lodged Advice
    • In-progress Advice.

    You can only have one active (In-progress) report per year. This means you cannot create an ACR if you have an active ACA and vice-versa. The ACA or ACR options in the menu are disabled where an active report exists.

    If you wish to lodge an ACA and have an In-progress ACR the ACR will have to be deleted. Events identified are not deleted if an In-progress ACR is removed.

    End of attention

    Change Job Status

    Job status is either In-Progress or Completed. In-Progress allows work to be performed on the job, while a Completed status locks the job into a read-only state.

    Jobs screen 8

    To change the status of a job, select the job then select the Change Status button.

    Selecting this button changes the job status from In-Progress to Completed, or alternatively from Completed to In-Progress.

    Jobs screen 9

    Revise an ACR


    You can use eSAT to lodge a revised ACR only when the report to be revised is lodged and available for selection in the Jobs screen.

    End of attention

    If you have lodged an ACR using eSAT and need to revise it, you need to start at the Jobs screen.

    Jobs screen 10

    Before you can revise a report, there must not be any other reports (ACR or ACA) in-progress for the fund and the job status must be 'In-Progress'. If the job status is 'Completed' you must change the status before you can revise a lodged report.

    To revise an ACR, select the Lodged Report you want to revise, then select the Revise button.

    If a report has been revised previously, it cannot be revised again. You must select the later report to revise if a second revision is required.

    Jobs screen 11

    A revised report (for example, an In-progress Revised Report as shown above) is shown directly above the report it revised, which is right indented directly under the revision.

    Delete a job

    A job can only be deleted from the Jobs screen.

    Jobs screen 12

    Select the record that will be deleted, then select the Delete button.

    The Delete button is enabled for the selected job that has a status of 'In-Progress' and doesn't have any lodged ACR or ACA.

    The Delete button is enabled where the report type is In-progress with an 'In-Progress' job status.

    After selecting the Delete button, you will see the delete confirmation message. Select Yes to continue deleting.

    Jobs screen 13

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