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  • Events screen

    The Events screen allows you to record details of contraventions and events (for a job) that will help with the completion of an ACR (if required).

    Events screen 1

    Manually access the Events screen

    Navigate to the Events screen using the left navigation panel. The events input is tabbed, with the first tab shown containing an instructional panel.


    Take the time to familiarise yourself with this screen as events are the essence of event based contravention reporting which is required for all ACRs, irrespective of the year of audit being reported.

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    Using Compliance Audit Support - and events

    The Events screen displays all contraventions identified by the CAS (Contraventions column) and will automatically open when a contravention has been identified during the CAS questions. Contraventions are circumstances that breach sections or regulations of the legislation. A section or regulation can be manually added to an event, or you can use the information generated by the Compliance Audit Support and add it to the event. A completed (all mandatory fields complete) event can be added to an ACR to be submitted to us.

    The Events screen allows you to add, delete and save events, manually add sections and access mandatory reporting details.


    You can also copy an event to other periods for the fund. Where you have an event that exists across a number of different audit periods, copying the event will save you time.

    Where an event has been copied, it will need to be added to a contravention report if one is required.

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    Find out more

    Refer to the help (F1) within eSAT.

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    Add an event

    From the Events screen, you will first need to add an event so you can record contravention details. Select the Add Event button and a new tab will be shown where you can record details for the event and related contraventions.

    Add contraventions

    After you have added an event, the following screen will be shown. It is the event window with a new (blank) event.

    Events screen 2

    Add details to this screen as you have them, but note that an event cannot be reported (added to an ACR) until mandatory fields are completed.


    Where an event is to be added to a contravention report and the event is opened from the Add Event screen, mandatory fields with incomplete information will be identified.

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    To add a contravention section (sections and regulations to be reported), select the following:

    • Select a section or regulation, then
    • Choose the relevant section or regulation from the drop-down list, and
    • Add Contravention to event button.

    Completing the steps above will add a manual section to the right panel and will require additional information to be completed.

    Add identified contravention

    If you have used the CAS and a contravention is identified, you will be taken to the Events screen.

    The Events screen will appear at the instruction tab each time you are taken to events.

    Events screen 3

    The specific detail for the contravention is displayed in the left-hand panel of the screen. The most recently identified contravention appears at the top of the list.

    Events screen 4

    To add the contravention details to an event, first choose the relevant event or, if you have not created an event, choose Add Event. This will open an event tab. To add the identified contravention to the event, select the Add contravention to event button that will appear where the details are available to add to an event.

    Once contravention information is added to an event, the Add contravention to event button is greyed out and the text inside it shows as Contravention added to event. If you have more than one event for which you want to add this text, go to your next event and the button to add the text will be active.

    If you decide that the section is all you need in the event, you can remove the text from the event using Remove, which is on the right-hand end of the text adjacent to the text box.

    To remove the section, you must first remove any text that has been added. Once this is done, select Delete, which is on the right-hand end of the section row adjacent to the outstanding value box.

    Delete an event

    If you want to delete an event, you must first remove any contravention related information from the report.

    Events screen 5

    To remove the section, you must first remove any text (if any text exists) that has been added. To do this use Remove, which is on the right-hand end of the text adjacent to the text box.


    All text must be removed before the Delete button is active for the contravention. When this is done, select the Delete button that is on the right-hand end of the section row adjacent to the outstanding value box.

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    Once all contraventions have been removed, the Delete Event button will become active. Select Delete Event. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the event.

    Events screen 6

    Select Yes to delete the event.

    Save an event

    To help you collect information and prepare your report, events can be saved without having all the mandatory fields completed.

    Events screen 7

    Select Save to save the details entered in the Events screen.


    If an event has been added to an ACR, you can modify it in the Events screen. However, before you can save it, all mandatory information must be completed.

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    Close the Events screen

    When you have the Events window open, you cannot access other eSAT screens apart from the Reference Facility and Job Notes screens.

    To close the Event screen, select the Close button. If you have events that have not been saved, you will be asked if you want to save them, cancel or exit without saving.

    Events screen 8

    Make your selection and continue.

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