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  • Lodging an ACR report

    When you select the Lodge Report button, eSAT will establish communication with us and transmit the ACR. Once the transmission has completed, eSAT will display the following message.

    ACR report screen 9 - DM0141l Lodgment of the contravention report was successful.

    Once you have selected OK, eSAT will ask if you would like to change the job status to complete.

    ACR report screen 10 - DM0081W Would you like to change the job status to complete?

    Select Yes if you have completed the job and select No if you have further work to be completed for this job. If you select Yes, eSAT will change the status of the job to 'complete' and the job will become read-only.

    eSAT will return to the Jobs screen with the job highlighted and the date of lodgment included in the report row.

    ACR report screen 8.1 - Jobs - This screen provides a listing of all jobs for the fund you have selected. To commence a new job for the fund selected select the New Job button. You may also select an existing job or report type and choose the relevant action button. Fields include: audit year, job status, last updated, notes, report type, lodgment date.

    Audit Complete Advice screen

    If you have completed an audit for a fund and would like to advise us that you have completed the audit, use this form. This is not mandatory. However, the information may help us in our regulatory role.

    If you have an ACR that is In-progress, you will not be able to select an ACA.

    To create an ACA, you must:

    • Select the fund from the Funds screen, then select Next to navigate to the Job screen
    • Select the New Job button, then select the year of audit from the drop-down list on the screen displayed and select Next again. eSAT will display the following dialogue box.

    ACR report screen 8.1 - DM00721 You have selected a year which the compliance audit support does not provide for. You have the option of submitting either a audit contravention report or a audit complete advice. Please select the relevant button.

    • Select Audit Complete Advice button and the Audit Complete Advice screen will be displayed.
    • Select the auditor name from the 'Full Name' drop-down list and the system will display the auditor details.

    This screen shows the information that will represent the ACA that can be submitted to us.

    Submit Advice

    After selecting the Submit Advice button, you will see the following confirmation message. Select Yes to continue submitting.

    Audit complete advice screen 2 - DM0106W Are you sure you want to lodge the audit complete advice to the Tax Office? Yes or no.

    You will see an information message after you select Yes to the confirmation message.

    Audit complete advice screen 3 - DMo0801 Lodgment of the advice was successful.

    Select OK to continue.

    You will see the following message after you select OK.

    Audit complete advice screen 4 - DM0081W Would you like to change the job status to complete? Yes or no.

    eSAT will ask if you want to change the job status to complete. Select Yes to continue.

    You will be taken back to the Jobs screen.

    eSAT will complete the submission process and change the job status to 'Completed' and return you to the Jobs screen with the job highlighted and lodgment date updated. You will not get a lodgment receipt. However, the above process is automated and you cannot manually update the lodgment date.

    Preview Advice

    After selecting the Preview button, you see the Advice Print Preview screen.

    Audit complete advice screen 6 _  Audit complete advice - draft: Lodgment status Fund information Auditor details.

    You can print the advice, save it as a PDF file for your own records or close the preview screen.

    Save Advice

    Select the Save button to save the ACA.

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