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  • Reference Facility screen

    The Reference Facility screen displays information in read-only format. It has a left panel containing a menu structure for the information, including a search facility, and a right panel that displays the relevant information when selected. You can navigate to the screen via the Help menu item from the CAS question guidance or from the navigational menu.

    Navigating in the Reference Facility

    To navigate around the Reference Facility screen, select an item from the contents menu. The relevant information for the selected item will be displayed in the right panel.

    Reference facility screen 1 - Fund structure - basic conditions.

    Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate from page to page. The Close button will close the Reference Facility.

    Search function for the Reference Facility screen

    To search you will need to enter search criteria. After entering the search criteria, select Search.

    Select the search result item to view the relevant information in the right panel. To clear the search criteria, remove the data from the search field and select Search.

    Auditors screen

    The Auditors screen lists all the auditors contained in the repository and allows you to add, update and delete auditors. Once details have been added, you can select an auditor from a list when preparing an ACR or ACA without the need to re-enter the information.

    To add an auditor, select the Add Auditor button.

    Select an auditor and select the Next button to view (and update, if required) the auditor details.

    The Update Auditor, Delete Auditor and Next buttons will not be enabled until an auditor is selected. To update an auditor's details, select the record to update and then select the Update Auditor button.

    To delete an auditor, select the record to be deleted and then select the Delete Auditor button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

    Note: If you delete an auditor, you will not be able to use this auditor for an ACR or ACA.

    To sort the auditor list, select the column heading using your mouse (for example, Family name or First given name). The ^ will appear at the right of the selected heading field and will provide an alternate ascending or descending sort order if the field is selected again.

    Note: If there are no auditor details on this screen and you have previously entered auditor details, check the preferences for the location of the repository.

    Add auditor details

    After you select the Add Auditor button, you will see the Auditor Details screen.

    This is the only screen on which you can input or modify auditor details.

    You need to:

    • enter all mandatory details. You will not be able to save until all the mandatory information has been entered. A phone or mobile number must be entered as 10 numerals without spaces. Your membership number and association details are mandatory
    • enter the firm you work for and the ABN if required or, if you are a sole practitioner, you can enter your ABN
    • select Save after the mandatory information has been entered or select Cancel if you do not want to stay on this screen.

    Update Auditor Details

    After selecting the Update Auditor button, you will see the Auditor Details screen with the selected auditor details populated. You can view this screen and cancel or change details and save them. Cancelling this screen will not delete the auditor. It will only cancel any changes that have been made to the auditor whilst in this screen.

    Update the details required and select Save. Save will not be enabled if details have not changed. If details have changed and mandatory fields have not been completed, you will not be able to save until you have entered the required details.

    Auditor details will be updated for all In-progress Reports and In-progress Advices.

    Delete Auditor

    When an auditor is deleted, they will no longer appear in the auditor drop-down list and the auditor details will be removed from all in-progress reports and in-progress advices. However, all ACRs and ACAs that have been lodged will have the auditor details fixed within the saved file.

    Any reports that have not been lodged that contain the deleted auditor details will have the auditor details removed. This is the case for both in-progress and completed jobs.

    You can only delete an auditor from the Auditors screen.

    Select the record you want to delete and select the Delete Auditor button.

    You will then see a confirmation message. Select Yes to continue deleting.

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