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  • Preferences screen

    After you install eSAT, the eSAT Preferences screen will appear for you to add your preferences before you can access eSAT.

    You can view or change your eSAT Preferences once you are using the eSAT application.

    An asterisk (*) indicates a mandatory field. After all mandatory fields are complete, select Save. This will allow you to access eSAT.

    If you are accessing this screen for the first time, selecting the Cancel button will close eSAT.

    eSAT Preferences screen 1.

    File location

    To select the location of your eSAT files, either:

    • browse for an existing folder
    • enter a specific folder location for both the live and training modes of the software.

    If a folder does not exist, it will be created by eSAT. If you don't select an alternative, a default folder will be created.

    Note: eSAT has not been designed to be used by multiple users accessing a single installation on a server. This means the software must be installed on each user's computer. Multiple users can access a shared data repository, such as fund information, which is placed on a server.

    User name

    You need a unique user name for the computer where eSAT is being installed. This name will be used to identify a user when conflict conditions occur, for example, when multiple users try to access the same job file.

    Internet connection

    The default setting is direct connection.

    The second option is connecting to the internet using a manual proxy. In order to connect to a manual proxy you will need to enter the HTTP proxy server name and port, for example, and 8080.

    If your proxy server requires authentication, select the Requires Authentication check box. If the Requires Authentication check box is selected, enter the user name and password required for internet connection.

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    Other options

    Tooltips and auto-save options can be enabled or disabled here. The auto-save time is fixed at five minute intervals. The default is for both options to be enabled.

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