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  • Help with using eSAT

    The following instructions will help you when using eSAT.

    All screen shots in the instructions are taken from the live mode. When you use the training mode, the words 'Training Mode' will appear on the top and bottom of each screen and the lodgment of reports and advices will be simulated.

    Welcome screen

    This is the first screen that will appear when you start eSAT. This screen provides general information about the application.

    Welcome screen 1 - 'Welcome to the electronic Superannuation Audit Tool (eSAT)'. This screen provides general information about the application.


    The system has a feature that automatically checks for updates. If an update is available, it will prompt you to download and install it. This feature is activated on initial entry to the Welcome screen.

    If an internet connection is available and you have selected to download updates but our server isn't responding, an error message will be displayed.

    If an update is available and you have progressed beyond the Welcome screen, a message advising that an update is available may appear. You should save all data before choosing to download the updates.

    If there are updates available, you can cancel the download and install it at a later time.

    If there are no updates available, a message will appear advising that your version is up-to-date.

    Note: If there are updates available and you choose not to install, you will not be able to lodge an ACA or ACR until you have the most recent version.


    eSAT has a bulletin process that shows bulletins when eSAT is started and you have an active internet connection.

    Select Next to proceed to the Funds screen.

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