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  • Funds screen

    The Funds screen displays all the funds stored in the repository. You can navigate to the Enter the details of the fund screen to add or maintain funds.

    Funds screen 1.

    You can:

    To add a new fund, select Add Fund. This will bring up a blank Enter the details of the fund screen where you can enter the new funds details.

    Note: eSAT allows you to import fund details in bulk, this is accessed through the top Administration menu.

    Find out about:

    To search for a fund, enter the search text then select the Search button. To display the full list again, clear the search and select the Search button again.

    Use the search function to find a fund or choose a fund by highlighting it in the list. Once you have selected a fund from the list, you can:

    • update a fund, select the Update Fund button
    • delete a fund, select the Delete Fund button
    • select Next to go to the Jobs screen.

    Note: You can sort by ABN or fund name ascending or descending by selecting the column headings. The arrow sort icons indicate which column is currently sorted.

    Add Fund

    Once you select the Add Fund button, you will see a blank Enter the details of the fund screen.

    Add Fund screen 1 - Enter the details of the fund: ABN, Fund name, Additional information.

    This screen allows you to enter details of the fund.

    The Save button will not be enabled until you have entered the ABN and fund name.

    To save the fund details, select the Save button. This will save the fund details and return you to the Funds screen.

    Note: The Save function is available throughout eSAT. You can save your work as you progress. If you have changed the details for a fund or job and have not saved the details, you will be asked if want to save your changes before exiting. The auto-save function (set at five-minute intervals) can be enabled or disabled at the Preferences screen.

    To cancel the process, select the Cancel button. This will take you back to the Funds screen with no changes saved.

    The ABN field is limited to 15 characters and will not allow you to type anymore characters in this field. You may enter spaces between the numbers. The system validates the ABN entered. This only checks it is a valid ABN, not if it is the right one for the fund. The system does not allow the same ABN to be entered twice.

    Fund name

    The fund name is limited to 76 characters. This cannot be 'n/a' or a variation of 'not applicable'. Enter the name of the fund as it appears on the fund's trust deed.

    Additional information

    The additional information field can be used to add more details about the fund, for example:

    • trustee's name
    • phone number
    • address
    • tax agent.

    This information is not sent to us.

    Update Fund Details

    After selecting the Update Fund button, you will see the Enter the details of the fund screen with the fund's details populated. Update the fund details then select Save.

    Once you have made the change and selected the Save button, the system saves the fund details after validating the ABN. You will then be returned to the Funds screen.

    Duplicate ABNs cannot be entered into the repository. If you try to update a fund with an ABN that already exists in the repository, the system will display an error message.

    Delete Fund

    The Delete Fund button is enabled when you select a fund that has no jobs attached.

    Delete Fund screen 1 - Are you sure you want to delete this fund?

    After selecting the Delete Fund button, you will see a message asking you to confirm that you want to delete the fund. If you are sure you want to delete the fund, select Yes.

    Note: You can only delete a fund if there are no in-progress or completed jobs for that fund.

    Search Funds

    The search function allows you to search through all of the funds you have added. To activate the search, you need to enter search text and then select the Search button.

    Search Funds screen 1 - Select a fund from the list, or search for a fund by ABN or fund name, and select next.

    Search for ABN or fund name

    Enter search text in the search field and select the Search button.

    Note: You can enter a combination of ABN number and fund name in the search.

    Clear the search result list

    To clear a search result list, delete any content in the fund field and select the Search button.

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