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  • Firewall and proxy configuration details

    To ensure secure communication with us, eSAT works with firewalls and uses encryption.

    Configure firewalls to allow eSAT to access:

    • Port 80
    • Port 443.

    Data is transmitted using 128 bit SSL encryption.

    For your proxy server – internet configuration, you will need an internet connection to lodge reports and access updated information from us.

    You have two options for your internet connection:

    • default – a direct connection to the web
    • by a proxy server.

    If you use a proxy server to connect to the internet, you need to configure proxy settings in eSAT. eSAT supports the use of proxy servers with and without authentication. Not all authentication schemes used by proxy servers have been successfully tested with eSAT. eSAT users have reported success with proxy servers using both basic and NTLM authentication schemes. For NTLM authentication, the username must include the domain – for example, DOMAIN\username.

    Username and password for proxy authentication

    You will not be required to re-enter your username and password each time you start a new eSAT session.

    If you have difficulty connecting to the ATO with eSAT and you are using a proxy with authentication, advise your proxy details when contacting eSAT technical support.

    By default, eSAT will attempt to connect directly to the internet. You can configure eSAT to access the internet through a proxy server if necessary.

    Last modified: 01 Feb 2021QC 21192