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  • Download and install eSAT

    Before downloading eSAT, we recommend you follow these steps:

    • If you have used a previous version of eSAT, back up your eSAT repository before you upgrade.
    • Check that your computer meets eSAT minimum requirements. eSAT will perform faster and more efficiently if your PC exceeds minimum requirements.
    • Check that your firewall is configured to allow communication between our system and your computer. If your network or firewall doesn't allow communication, you won't be able to use eSAT.
    • Read the Electronic Superannuation Audit Tool user licence agreement. Note that the size of the download is less than 25 MB.
    • Decide, in consultation with your system administrator, where the eSAT files should be stored. The installed eSAT product includes     
      • program files
      • help and reference facility files
      • a data repository containing auditor details and client-related information.

    On a stand-alone computer, we recommend you store all files in the default folder locations.

    On a network, you may want to use a shared data repository. Each user needs to install the eSAT application onto their computer and configure their repository location to the shared data repository.

    • Ensure all network users are made aware of the network server file location and have read, write, modify and delete permissions enabled before they install the application on their computer. Network users will not be able to work on their shared audit jobs unless they are connected to the network.
    • Read the installation instructions to help you with the installation process.

    During the eSAT installation process, you can choose which version to install – 'training', 'live' or both.

    eSAT has not been designed to be used by multiple users accessing a single installation on a server. The software must be installed on each user's computer. Multiple users can access a shared data repository, such as fund information placed on a server.

    Installation guides and downloads

    Choose the version of eSAT that matches your operating system.


    Find out about:


    Find out about:

    See also:

    Downloading updates

    You need the latest version of the software to be able to lodge the ACR and the Audit complete advice.

    Each time you access eSAT you'll be greeted by the Welcome screen. If you are connected to the internet, eSAT will notify you of any updates. You may choose to update immediately or continue without updating. However, you will not be able to lodge any reports with us until you have updated to the latest version.

    If you have more than one computer accessing the same data, each machine should have the same version of eSAT. If a fund job file was saved after being opened with a newer version, that fund job file cannot be opened by an older version of eSAT.

    After you update to a new version, any jobs created using an older version of the application will remain accessible.

    Following a download, if eSAT does not automatically run the installer, or if the installer fails, you may need to manually locate and run the downloaded file.

    We recommend you backup your repository regularly and before updating to a new version of eSAT. As eSAT data is not stored on ATO servers, regular backups are recommended.

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