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  • Help with eSAT – getting started

    You can work offline with eSAT However it needs internet connection when you're lodging reports.

    Using an old version of eSAT

    If you use an old version of eSAT, you won't be able to lodge reports or open client files saved using a new version. In both cases you will have to update your software. You can check for updates on the Welcome screen.

    To check if you are running the latest version of eSAT, select Check for updates on the Welcome screen. eSAT will tell you if you are running the latest version or if updates are available.

    Jobs in progress – updating eSAT

    The jobs will still be available after you update your software. You will be able to continue working on them.

    Audit complete advice

    When you lodge an Audit complete advice, it tells us that you have completed an audit of a fund for a particular financial year and that you have reported no contraventions. An Audit complete advice gives us valuable intelligence and helps us to work out the compliance history for a fund.

    An Audit complete advice is provided on a voluntary basis by an approved SMSF auditor. It may help us perform our function as the regulator of SMSFs.

    Job notes

    Job notes allows you to make notes about a particular job and update them as you work through it. Notes aren't sent to us.

    You can only create job notes once you are in a job for a particular fund for a particular financial year. You can access existing job notes from the Jobs screen by selecting the note. If you make job notes for a fund in a particular year, you won't be able to access those notes when you are working on a job for the same fund in a different year.

    Revising ACRs

    You can revise a previously lodged ACR using eSAT – providing that you lodged it using eSAT and it shows as 'lodged' on the Jobs screen. To revise an ACR, enter the Jobs screen and check that the Job status is set to 'in-progress'. If it is set to 'completed', select Change status. The status must be set to 'in-progress' for you to review the ACR.

    Select the Lodged report you wish to revise and select Revise. You'll be taken to the Contravention report screen where details of the original report are replicated. You can now revise the report.

    Training mode

    You can't lodge a report using eSAT training mode. The training mode of eSAT allows you to explore eSAT functionality without disturbing your real work or transmitting information to us. For example, if you use the Lodge function in training mode, a message will confirm that the information has not been sent to us.


    eSAT transmits data with secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption in the same way that online purchases and other secure transactions are conducted on the internet.

    Before submitting any details online, you should ensure your computer has the latest:

    • operating system updates
    • web browsing updates
    • security updates.

    Vendors regularly release updates to their software available free from their websites.

    See also:

    How secure the information is in eSAT

    Responsibility for the security of information stored in eSAT on your system rests with you or your system administrator.

    The eSAT system allows you to password protect any job you have started.

    All eSAT data is stored on the user's system, not ATO systems. As such, regular backups are recommended.

    We hold no responsibility for the safety of information stored on your system. We cannot help recover information lost as result of missing or forgotten passwords.

    How to password protect a job

    To password project a job you must be in the job. Select File from the main menu and select Job password. The job password dialog box will open. Enter the password you wish to use in the New password field and retype it in the Confirm password field.

    When you choose a password, it is important to select one that you can remember. You can only remove or reset a password if you first enter the original password.

    If you forget your password

    If you forget the password you set for a job, you cannot change the password or reset it. However, eSAT will allow you to highlight the job on the Jobs screen and delete it.

    When you delete the job, all the information relating to that job will be lost. You'll need to recreate the deleted file in a new job.

    Setup – choosing a username

    When you install eSAT, it will ask you to provide your preferences for using the software. You need to input a user name unique to the computer you are installing eSAT on.

    The user name will appear on another user's screen when they attempt to access a job that you are currently working on. This applies where eSAT has been installed on a network drive and there are other users accessing the software.

    eSAT is not designed for use by multiple users accessing a single installation on a server. This means you must install the software on each user's computer. Multiple users can access a shared data repository, such as fund information on a server.

    Using eSAT for a fund that does not have an ABN

    You cannot use eSAT for a fund that doesn't have an ABN. If you are required to lodge a report for a fund without an ABN, you will need to use the paper form.

    Loading all your SMSF clients at once

    You can load all your SMSF clients at once. eSAT needs the ABN and name of each fund. You can put the details of all your SMSF clients into a CSV file and then import the file from within eSAT. Help for this functionality is contained within the eSAT help files.

    Access the Funds screen and select the Administration menu. Select Import/Export funds. A new screen will appear with options located at the bottom. Select Import funds to open the Select the location of the file you want to import dialog box. Use the dialog box to locate the CSV file and select Import once you have highlighted the file. The Funds screen will now include the list of funds contained in the CSV file.

    It's your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information you file in eSAT. You should check any fund details that you bulk load into eSAT.

    Compliance audit support and events

    eSAT doesn't require you to use the CAS. You can decide to complete all, some or none of the questions in the CAS screens.

    Why you can't use CAS for the 2006–07 and earlier financial years

    We selected the financial year ending 30 June 2008 as the start period for the CAS. We based this on the timing of eSAT's delivery and the auditors' work programs to provide the best outcome in the timeframe.

    How to know what questions you have answered in the CAS

    The Compliance audit review (CAR) screen details the questions you answered in the CAS, the completeness of the topics covered, and indicates where you identified contraventions.

    Why a question mark appears when you use 'copy-and-paste'

    When you use copy-and-paste to insert text from an external document into eSAT fields, you may occasionally see some of the pasted text being replaced by a question mark ('?'). This occurs in highly unusual circumstances when the pasted text contains characters not supported by eSAT. If this occurs, you should consider rewording the pasted text.

    Reporting contraventions you identify using CAS

    You don't have to report every contravention you identify using CAS. The CAS helps you only to identify contraventions. Select Do I have to report? from the left navigation menu for more information on which contraventions you need to report and when you need to report them.

    The Reported events screen under Contravention report allows you to work out the events you wish to report to us.

    Why you can't delete an event from the Events screen

    You can delete an event from the Events screen after you have deleted all contraventions from the event. If you have added a contravention from the Identified contraventions component on the left of screen, you'll need to remove the text located under the contravention in the Associated contraventions component. Once you have removed the text, select Delete.

    The Delete event button will be enabled once you have deleted all the contraventions from an event. Select Delete and the event will be removed from the Events screen.


    If you have identified contraventions during your audit, you'll need to check Do I have to report? The mandatory reporting requirements provide guidance and specify when you must report to us.

    Even if it does not appear mandatory to lodge contraventions you identify, you can still report if, in your professional judgment, you see fit to do so.

    If you haven't identified any reportable contraventions, you may voluntarily lodge an Audit complete advice to tell us that you have completed an audit on a fund.

    Lodge an ACR with more than six events

    The system allows you to attach six events to an ACR. You can create only one report at a time. When you have lodged the first report, the system will ask if you want to set the Job status to complete. Select No and return to the Jobs screen. The repository will display a Lodged report under the Report type column.

    Select the row in the repository that contains the year of the audit – for example, 2019 – and select Next. Select Contravention report from the left-hand navigation menu and complete a new report. In the Reported events screen, check the boxes next to the events you did not report in the first report. Complete the rest of the screens and lodge the new report.

    The Jobs screen will now show a second lodged report by displaying Lodged report under the Report type column.

    To view lodged reports from the Jobs screen, double click on the report you have lodged and the entire report will be displayed as a PDF document.

    Successful lodgment of a contravention report or audit complete advice

    You'll receive a message after you select Lodge report in the Declaration screen under Contravention report or Audit complete advice. The message will tell you whether your lodgment was successful or unsuccessful. You will not receive a receipt number.

    After you lodge successfully, eSAT displays the lodgment date. This is sufficient proof of lodgment as it is system generated. eSAT holds a copy of the lodged report for you to view or print.

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