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  • Getting started

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    Install the electronic superannuation audit tool by downloading it.

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    What to do before installing eSAT

    • Check your computer against the minimum system requirements above – eSAT will perform faster and more efficiently if your computer exceeds the minimum system requirements
    • Decide, in consultation with your system administrator, where the eSAT files should be stored. The installed eSAT product includes  
      • program files
      • help and reference facility files
      • a data repository that contains client-related information
    • On a stand-alone computer, we recommend that all files be stored in the default folder locations
    • In a network environment, we recommend that the  
      • data repository be stored in a central location
      • program and the help and reference facility files be stored on each user’s computer
    • Make sure all network users are aware of the network data repository location and have the appropriate file permissions enabled before they install the application on their computer
    • Each individual computer must be assigned a unique user name. The name will identify users if a conflict condition arises when accessing an audit job file. User names are not sent to us

    Screen samples included here are from the openSuSE distribution of the Linux operating system. Screens displayed by other Linux distributions may be slightly different.

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    Download installation

    Before you start, you must have administrator or write access authority in order to download eSAT. If you do not have this authority, you must contact your system administrator before you can download eSAT.

    Get it done

    Install the electronic superannuation audit tool by downloading it

    End of get it done

    There will be separate downloads, depending on the operating system of your computer – locate the Linux/Unix version and select Download.

    Depending on your Linux distribution, you may see a window similar to this after selecting Download:

      Opening esat - unix

    If this or a similar dialog box appears, select the Save File button to begin the download.

    Download screen

    After you select Save, the system will open a download progress window similar to this:  

    Download screen - file download  

    Once the file has downloaded, use the file manager to select the file .  

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