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  • Installation wizard

    The eSAT Installation Wizard will guide the user through the installation process.

    INSTALL4J wizard screen

    Select the electronic Superannuation Audit Tool Installer icon and the Installation Wizard will start. The rest of this step will happen automatically – you do not need to do anything.

     esat installation wizard screen

    Terms and conditions screen

    Once the Installation Wizard has finished the initialisation process, you will be presented with the Terms and Conditions screen, which includes the disclaimer.


    We recommend that you take the time to fully read through the terms and conditions before making your selection.

    End of attention

     esat installation wizard - Terms and conditions

    After reading the terms and conditions, select the I accept the terms and conditions radio button, then select Next > to continue.

    After you select Next, you have the option for a custom installation – this means you can choose to install both the live and training versions of eSAT, or either of the versions.

    Select destination directory screen

    We recommend that the eSAT program be installed in the default directory shown on the screen – however, you can save the eSAT program files to an alternative destination.

    To enter the name of the destination directory, either enter the full path or use the Browse button to navigate to the correct directory.

     esat installation wizard - destination directory

    Required disk space

    This value shows the amount of disk space required to install the eSAT product.

    Free disk space

    This value shows the amount of disk space free on the hard drive that contains the destination directory.

    Once the destination directory is identified, select the Next > button.

    Additional tasks screen

    You can create a desktop icon for eSAT and an icon for all users. If you select Create icon for all users, eSAT will add an icon that will be displayed to anyone using that computer to run eSAT.

    esat installation wizard - select additional tasks

    Create a desktop icon

    Select this field if you want to create an eSAT icon on the user's desktop:

    the default value is: spr34232_tick box  

    Create desktop icon for Training Mode

    Select this field if you want to create an eSAT icon on the user's desktop to access the training mode and environment:

    the default value is: spr34232_tick box

    Create icon for all users

    Select this field if you want to create an eSAT icon for all users of this computer:

    the default value is: spr34232_tick box

    After selecting your preferences for icons, select Next > to proceed.

    Installing screen

    The Installation Wizard will now install eSAT to the destination directory previously specified.

    The progress of the installation procedure is indicated by the display of file names and the slider bar.

    esat installation wizard - installation progress indicator

    You can cancel the installation by selecting the Cancel button.

    Installation completion

    After eSAT has been installed, you will be asked which mode of eSAT you want to run.

    east installation wizard - Installation complete

    Run eSAT

    Select the Run eSAT radio button to begin using eSAT.

    The default value is: <on>.

    Run eSAT training mode

    Select the Run eSAT Training Mode radio button to begin using the eSAT training mode and environment.

    The default value is: <off>.

    Run later

    Select the Run later radio button to end the installer without starting eSAT.

    The default value is: <off>.

    Select the radio button, then select the Finish button to complete the installation process.

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