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  • Uninstalling

    Start menu uninstall shortcut


    The uninstall process does not remove any data that you may have created when using eSAT – you must navigate to the directory specified in your Preferences screen and manually delete any data files.

    End of attention

    To uninstall eSAT, you must have administrator privileges on your computer or write access to a network share directory.

    Select the eSAT uninstaller shortcut that is located in the eSAT folder.

    esat uninstall wizard - shortcut icon

    Uninstall wizard screen

    Once you have selected the Uninstall icon on the Start menu, the Uninstall Wizard will start.

    esat uninstall wizard - begin uninstall of esat

    Select Next > to continue the uninstalling process, or you can cancel the process by selecting the Cancel button.

    Uninstall screen

    After you select the Next > button to continue, the system will uninstall eSAT.

    esat uninstall wizard - uninstall progress indicator

    The progress bar will display the progress of the uninstall procedure.

    Uninstall summary screen

    After the system has completed uninstalling eSAT, the system will display a screen confirming the process was successful.

    esat uninstall wizard - uninstall complete

    Select the Finish button to complete the uninstall process.

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