• Employee superannuation guarantee (SG) calculator tool

    What is the employee SG calculator tool?

    The employee superannuation guarantee (SG) calculator tool is designed to help you determine whether you are eligible for SG contributions, and whether your employer is paying the correct amount.

    The first step is to answer a series of questions to find out if you are eligible for SG contributions - if you are eligible, you can then use the tool to calculate your SG entitlement. The tool will provide a report that shows:

    • if you are eligible for SG from a particular employer or employment arrangement
    • a summary of the information you provided
    • a calculation of the SG contributions that you should have been paid for any particular quarter.

    If the tool shows that your super has not been correctly paid to your super fund by your employer, the tool will allow you to print a summary of the super calculation.

    You should take this summary to your employer and discuss the issue. If you cannot resolve the issue with your employer, you can use the tool to prepare a super enquiry which you can lodge electronically with us.

    Once we receive your unpaid super enquiry we will begin our investigation. More information about the steps we take and when you can expect to hear from us is available.


     You will remain anonymous at all times while using this tool - only when you choose to lodge an enquiry with us will any personal information be transmitted to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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    Refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for assistance in using this tool.

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