• Fuel tax credit calculator

    If you are registered for fuel tax credits, use this calculator to work out:

    • your fuel tax credits for fuel you acquire for use in your business
    • your adjustments for fuel tax credits from a previous BAS.

    This calculator is also available on the ATO app.

    Fuel indexation

    Fuel tax credit rates are indexed twice a year in line with the consumer price index – in February and August.

    This calculator includes the different rates for fuel acquired both before and from the date of each rate increase.

    Simplified fuel tax credits

    If you claim less than $10,000 in fuel tax credits each year, then for your March 2016 BAS, you are able to calculate your claim by using the rate at the end of the BAS period. You can do this by selecting all your fuel types in the rate period 01/02/2016 – 30/06/2016 on the ‘Fuel types’ screen (4th screen).

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