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  • eSAT overview


    Hello and welcome to the first in a series of videos for self-managed super fund auditors about the ATO’s electronic superannuation audit tool, or eSAT as it is commonly known. Auditors told us they wanted to know more about eSAT’s functionality, and these videos are a result. I encourage you to take the time to step through the videos and find out how eSAT can save you time in the audit process. Thank you.

    eSAT is available free of charge from the Australian Tax Office website. It can run on Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

    Download eSAT from:

    Let’s take a look at its main features. eSAT has:

    • a compliance audit support tool to help identify contraventions
    • an electronic lodgment facility for lodgment of contravention reports, and also
    • an audit complete advice tool for notifying the ATO when you have completed an audit.

    The compliance audit support tool is available at the job level for each fund.

    It is a structured interview style series of questions, which guides you through the relevant super legislation and helps you identify contraventions of the super laws.

    It provides different levels of support with varied questions.

    You may choose to answer some, all or none of the guidance questions.

    Each question links to tailored reference information.

    Contravention reports are prepared and lodged in minutes with eSAT’s electronic lodgment facility. They can be previewed prior to printing and each contravention report you send to the ATO is automatically saved as a PDF for your records. All lodgments are recorded and dated in the jobs screen.

    eSAT has an extensive reference facility.

    The reference material shows the ATO view of compliance topics and it includes case studies, discussion topics and links to legislation. Research various topics by using the topic-based information. You can print this information for your clients if you wish.

    The audit complete advice is voluntary electronic lodgment that notifies us when you have completed an audit. This will assist us in understanding your client list through the year and help us identify if auditors details are being misused by others. Each lodgment is recorded in the jobs screen, for your records.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at eSAT. Be sure to take a look at our range of eSAT tutorial videos at

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