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  • Prepare and lodge a contravention report


    Welcome to the ATO eSAT video series. In this video we will show you how to prepare and lodge a contravention report.

    Once you have added auditor details you are ready to prepare and lodge a contravention report.

    If the fund is not in the list or no funds are showing you will need to add the fund details. OK, let's add a new fund. You will need the ABN and full name of the fund to do this.

    Additional information is for your use and is not transmitted to the ATO. Select the fund and click next.

    You will land on the jobs screen. Select New job. Select the relevant year of audit for the fund.

    From this screen you will be taken to the compliance audit support screen for audit years 2008 and later. For prior periods, you will be given a choice of Contravention report or Audit complete advice.

    Select Contravention report from the left hand menu. You will need to have the value of the fund's assets to progress.

    Select the auditor for the fund and click Next.

    You will land on the ‘Reported events’ screen. Choose Add event. This will open the event window. Select the Add event button to create a new event.

    The event will appear in a new tab. Enter a name for the event and complete the event details. Add the contravention details and save.

    If you have more than one event, select the Add event button again and complete the details for remaining events. Save and close the events window.

    We have now returned to the ‘Reported events’ screen. Select the event to add to the report and click Next.

    If you need to report about the funds financial position or give us further information you can do so on this screen. You must answer these questions to continue.

    Before you lodge, you can preview the report to be sure of its contents, print it (if required) and finally lodge. To enable the Lodge report button, select the declaration and add the date for the report.

    You will be advised if the lodgment was successful.

    If you have finished using eSAT for this fund, choose completed for the job status.

    You will then be taken to the jobs screen where the report type is updated and the lodgment date is automatically added.

    That completes the tutorial on preparing and lodging a contravention report. Be sure to take a look at our range of eSAT tutorial videos at

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