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  • How to revise a contravention report


    Welcome to the ATO eSAT video series. This tutorial will show you how to revise a contravention report. We will be revising a report where the client has rectified the issue and wants the ATO to know the problem is fixed earlier than previously advised.

    Start by selecting the fund. This takes you to the ‘Jobs’ screen.

    You can see this fund has two jobs, one for 2007 and another for 2014. Before you can revise a report, there must not be any in-progress reports for the job and the jobs status must be in progress. If the jobs status is completed you must change the status before you can revise a lodged report.

    Select the lodged report that you need to revise – this will enable the Revise button. A revision brings back the entire report as previously lodged.

    Revise the report. In this example the revision is to advise the ATO that rectification of the contraventions has taken place earlier than previously reported.

    Preview the report to check its contents and lodge. Change the job status to ‘Completed’ if you have finished using eSAT for this job. The jobs screen will update to show the lodgment with a revised report directly above the existing report.

    That completes this tutorial. Be sure to take a look at our range of eSAT tutorial videos at

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