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  • How to record events


    Welcome to the ATO eSAT video series. Over the next few minutes, we will discuss events. We will look at how to create an event, copy details to future years if required and how to add the event to a contravention report.

    Contravention reporting is based on events. An event is something that may lead, or has led, to one or more contraventions of the super laws. For example, if the fund trustee lends fund money to their brother, this action is an event and may need to be reported in a contravention report. If the fund trustee allows members to use fund assets, this action is a separate event which may also need to be reported in the contravention report.

    Contravention reports allow for up to six events to be added, with up to eight contraventions in each event.

    Let’s take a look at the events window.

    This window allows for the creation of multiple events for a contravention report. Firstly select Add event – this creates a new event tab in which you can record details. There are mandatory fields within this form and until they are all complete you will not be able to add an event to a contravention report. Enter a name for the event – this is to allow you to distinguish it from other events if you have more than one issue to report for the fund. Complete the event details and finally add the specific contraventions for this event.

    Remember, one event may have multiple contraventions that need to be reported. In this example that started in 2003 the loan to the member’s brother was not paid back until 2008. Each year must be reported if you are also auditing these years.

    Contraventions that might need to be reported can be added. Here we are copying this event to all years that we are going to be auditing.

    Here you see the copy function has created a new job and report for the future years. The event will be available to include in the reports. Select the 2004 report and progress through the report, add the event and lodge.

    Select the 2005 report and progress through the report to add the event. You will see it is incomplete, so open the event. The section highlighted in red is a mandatory field to complete. Check the event before you save, and then add it by selecting the checkbox next to the event you wish to add to the report for lodgment. Lodge the report.

    That completes this tutorial. Be sure to take a look at our range of eSAT tutorial videos at

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