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    Approved child care is care provided by a service provider that participates satisfactorily in the Australian Government funded quality assurance system and has been approved to receive CCB payments on behalf of eligible families. Most providers of long day care, family day care, before and after school care, and vacation care are approved child care providers.

    Some child care is registered care and you cannot claim the 30% child care tax rebate for the cost of using this type of care. Examples of registered care are care provided by nannies, grandparents, relatives or friends. If you are unsure if your child care is approved, contact your child care provider or phone the child care access hotline on Freecall 1800 670 305 (TTY Service Freecall 1800 639 327).

    Child care benefit (CCB) is a payment made by the FAO to assist with the cost of child care. You can receive CCB for approved child care during the year either as direct payments to the child care provider to reduce the fees you have to pay to them, or as a lump sum payment to you after 30 June each year. If you are eligible you can receive some CCB regardless of your family's income. If you have not received CCB for approved child care please contact the FAO on Link or phone 13 61 50.

    CCB entitlement is the amount of CCB you were actually entitled to for each child for the period 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005. This amount may be different to the 'CCB paid as reduced fees'.

    CCB paid as reduced fees describes the CCB paid by the FAO directly to your child care provider during the year.

    CCB work/training/study test is administered by the FAO. You pass the test if you are in paid work, are actively looking for paid work, are studying or training. You may also pass the test in other circumstances such as where you have to care for a child or an adult with a disability. If you are unsure if you passed this test contact the FAO on Link or phone 13 61 50.

    Total fees are the gross amount of child care fees you had to pay for the year. It includes 'CCB paid as reduced fees'.

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