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  • Section A: Type of application

    Do not use this application if you want to amend an existing PSP. You should contact us in writing or via the Business PortalExternal Link and provide the permission number and details of the amendment.

    Question 1

    Indicate whether the goods you wish to report and pay under a PSP are excisable goods, EEGs or other customable goods as defined.

    Question 2

    Indicate the specific type of goods you are applying for a PSP to deliver. You may tick more than one box if appropriate.

    Question 3

    Indicate whether you have any duty liability. If you have no duty liability, for example, if you are a concessional spirit permission holder, we will contact you.

    Question 4

    Indicate whether your business is a small business entity, that is, your business turnover (aggregated turnover) is less than $10 million. If you are entitled to the small business concession, you can choose between weekly or monthly settlement. For information about small business entity requirements, refer to Small business entity concessions.

    Question 5

    If you are eligible for the small business entity concession, indicate whether you are applying for weekly or monthly settlement of your liability.

    Question 6

    Indicate the day you would like to lodge your returns and pay your duty.

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