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  • Section F: Licensed premises details

    Question 13

    Provide details of the licensed premises from which the goods will be delivered for home consumption. Include the customs or excise establishment number of the premises as appropriate.

    If the premises is not operated by a related entity, you must attach a letter from the operator of the premises stating they are willing to deliver the goods for home consumption.

    We cannot process your application without written evidence that they are willing to deliver the goods for home consumption.

    The delivering premises letter must be signed and dated by the operator of the delivering premises and contain the following information.

    Template of delivering premises letter

    We request (PSP holder’s name) includes the following premises in Column 1 of the Schedule to their PSP, as a place specified from which they are permitted to deliver the specified goods.


    The type of goods specified is (type of goods)


    We require the PSP holder to provide a copy of the PSP and to inform us if it is revoked or cancelled.


    The PSP holder is responsible for reporting and paying any excise or customs duty liability.


    Our records are suitable for recording goods delivered into home consumption without entry.


    We understand the provisions and requirements of section 61C of the Excise Act 1901 and section 69 of the Customs Act 1901.


    Full details of our premises are:

    • (Name of company)
    • (ABN)
    • (Excise licence number)
    • (Excise establishment number)
    • (Customs licence number)
    • (Customs establishment number)


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