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  • Application to defer GST on imported goods

    Use this form to apply for the Deferred GST Scheme electronically. Once the form is submitted, a confirmation screen will be displayed.


    Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

    End of danger

    You can only complete and submit this form online - do not print this form or mail it to us.

    Only use this application if all of the following apply to you:

    • You have an Australian business number (ABN).
    • You are registered for GST.
    • You will be lodging your monthly activity statements online every month.
    • You do not have any outstanding debts or returns.
    End of attention
    Further information

    For information about:

    • changing your activity statement lodgement cycle to monthly, phone us on 1300 130 915.
    • completing the form, go to form help or phone us on 1300 130 915.
    • the Deferred GST Scheme, go to the information page or phone us on the number above.
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    Note: * indicates the field is mandatory

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    4. What is your legal name?

    Individual applicants





    Company or other organisation applicants

    Legal name:  






















    • taxation requirements
    • customs requirements
    • the misdescription of goods
    • trade practices
    • fair trading
    • defrauding a government.


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    After completing your application, submit it using the 'submit' button below.


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