• Before you lodge your application



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Make sure you have included:

    • the application form completed in full
    • copies of relevant invoices and bills of lading.

    Lodging your application

    Keep a copy of your completed application for your records and send the original with all the necessary attachments to us by:

    • the Business Portal
    • fax to 1300 130 916
    • mail to

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3514
    ALBURY  NSW  2640

    If you lodge your application via the Business Portal you will receive an instant receipt and your application will be actioned faster than if lodged via post.

    To lodge via the Business Portal, firstly save your completed application form as a separate document on your own system. After you log into the Business Portal, create a New message and select Remission, refund and drawback enquiry from the Excise subject list. Add your application form, and any documents we have asked for, as attachments.

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