• Excise refund

    When to use this application

    You should complete this application if you are entitled to claim a refund of the excise duty you have paid on goods - either directly or in their purchase price.

    This includes goods that have been delivered into the Australian domestic market while subject to our control (for example, goods that became unfit for human consumption or were damaged while subject to our control) and goods no longer subject to our control (for example, goods on which duty was paid by mistake).

    Get it done

    You can download the application form Excise refund (NAT 4288, 230KB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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    Excise refund instructions

    These instructions will help you to complete the Excise refund (NAT 4288) application.


    There are time limits for claiming excise refunds.

    For information about the time limits for alcohol, fuel and tobacco refunds, contact us.

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    Completing your application

    • You must provide the additional information described in these instructions when you lodge your application.
    • Answer all questions.
    • Place X in all applicable boxes.
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