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  • Section 1 - General assumptions for working out the attributable income of a CFC



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    End of attention

    Attributable income is included directly in your assessable income. It is not necessary to aggregate amounts of attributable income as you trace through a chain of CFCs.

    Example 15
    Attribution directly to taxpayer

    Assume you wholly own a foreign company which, in turn, wholly owns another foreign company. Also assume that the first company has $300,000 attributable income and the second company has $200,000 attributable income.

    You include an amount in your assessable income as follows:

    Like this

    Not like this

    DO include $300,000 from the first company and $200,000 from the second in your income

    DO NOT include $200,000 from the second company in the income of the first company, and $500,000 income from the first company in your own income

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