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  • Step 1: Group your interests



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    End of attention

    Apply the deemed rate of return method separately to each group of interests. Determine the group or groups of interests you hold in a FIF at the end of the FIF's notional accounting period. [section 544]

    Meaning of a group of interests in a FIF

    If you had only one interest in a FIF during the notional accounting period, that interest is a group. [subsection 544(2)]

    Interests in a FIF that are of the same class - for example, two parcels of class A shares - and which you held during the same period, are treated as a group of interests. However, if interests are of different classes - for example, class A and B shares with different rights - treat each class as a separate group. Shares of the same class which are not held for the same period during the FIF's notional accounting period also form different groups. If you had two or more interests in a FIF that are not of the same group of interests, apply the deemed rate of return method separately to each group. [subsections 544(3), (4) and (5)]

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