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  • Calculation method



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    To use the calculation method, you must work out the calculated profit or calculated loss of a FIF for a notional accounting period.

    You will need access to detailed information about your FIF interest. The calculation method uses a simplified version of our taxation law to work out the profit of your FIF which is then attributed to you and included in your assessable income. The calculation method applies to foreign companies and foreign trusts. [sections 580 and 582]

    If there is a calculated loss, you may carry your share forward and take it into account for subsequent notional accounting periods.

    If there is a calculated profit, you must determine your share. Do this by multiplying the calculated profit of the FIF for the notional accounting period by your percentage interest in the FIF at the end of that period. Work out the calculated profit or loss in the currency of the FIF accounts and then convert the amount to Australian currency at the exchange rate that applies for the last day of the notional accounting period. Include the resulting amount in your assessable income for the income year in which the notional accounting period of the FIF ends. [sections 572, 558 and 559]

    Worksheet 3: Calculation method will help you to work out your calculated profit or loss.

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