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  • Trans-Tasman imputation



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    The trans-Tasman imputation measure allows New Zealand resident companies to choose to enter the Australian imputation system. Doing so allows a company to maintain an Australian franking account from 1 April 2003 and to attach Australian franking credits to dividends it pays from 1 October 2003 or one month after the company makes an election, whichever is later. Australian shareholders of these companies may benefit from the Australian franking credits attached to distributions the companies make (such a company is referred to as a 'New Zealand franking company').

    If the fund is an Australian shareholder of a New Zealand franking company and received franked dividends with Australian franking credits attached directly or indirectly from a New Zealand franking company, see the following instructions for help in completing the tax return:

    For more information, visit Trans-Tasman imputation special rules or phone the Tax Reform Infoline on 13 24 78.

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