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  • Z Did the CGT event relate to a forestry managed investment scheme interest that you held other than as an initial participant?



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    The sale of thinnings and harvested trees from a forestry managed investment scheme (FMIS) is a CGT event.

    The fund is an initial participant in an FMIS if:

    • the fund obtained its forestry interest in the FMIS from the forestry manager of the scheme, and
    • the fund's payment to obtain the forestry interest in the FMIS results in the establishment of trees.

    The fund is a subsequent participant if it is not an initial participant.

    The forestry manager of an FMIS is the entity that manages, arranges or promotes the FMIS.

    A forestry interest in an FMIS is a right to the benefits produced by the FMIS (whether the right is actual, prospective or contingent, and whether it is enforceable or not).

    Print X in the appropriate box.

    If you selected Yes, you must complete a Capital gains tax (CGT) schedule 2009 and attach it to the fund's tax return.

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