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  • H6 Credit for interest on no-TFN tax offset



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Show at H6 the total calculated interest amount of 50 cents or more that is attributable to the no-TFN tax offset claimed at E2.

    Interest on the no-TFN tax offset is only payable if all the following conditions are met:

    • a member of the fund provided their TFN to their employer before the end of an income year (the past year e.g. 2011-12)
    • the employer was required by section 299C of the SISA to inform the fund of the individual’s TFN by the end of the past year, but did not provide the TFN to the fund
    • as a result, the contributions made in respect of that member were no-TFN quoted contributions in that past year
    • an amount of additional tax (which is the interest-bearing tax) that was payable in respect of the no-TFN quoted contributions counts towards the no-TFN tax offset under Subdivision 295-J of the ITAA 1997 for an income year (the current year e.g. 2012-13) for the fund
    • the no-TFN tax offset under that subdivision is applied when assessing the fund for the current year.

    The interest is payable on each amount of interest-bearing tax.

    Interest on tax that counts towards the no-TFN tax offset is calculated for the period between the later of:

    • the day on which the amount of interest-bearing tax was paid
    • the day by which the amount of interest-bearing tax was required to be paid


    • the date on which the fund lodges its tax return for the current year (which is deemed to be the date on which the current year assessment is made).

    The date of payment of the interest-bearing tax is either:

    • the date shown on the receipt
    • the date the payment is mailed to us plus three business days.

    If the relevant interest period extends over two or more quarters, calculate the interest for the number of days in each quarter. Example 10 provides further information on how to calculate the amount of interest in such circumstances.

    The rate of interest payable on the interest-bearing tax is the base interest rate determined under section 8AAD of the TAA 1953. Table 7 at H1 Credit for interest on early payments - amount of interest provides the applicable interest rates up to 30 June 2013.

    For information on interest rates after that date and on calculating the interest to be applied on tax that counts towards the no-TFN tax offset, and for a calculator to help you work out the amount of interest, see Individuals Super.

    Keep a record of the amount of interest claimed on tax that counts towards the no-TFN tax offset. This interest is assessable income of the fund in the income year in which it is claimed and should be shown at C Gross interest.

    Example 10: Superannuation fund showing a credit at H6 Credit for interest on no-TFN tax offset

    The Caron Superannuation Fund is a complying fund and included $10,000 no-TFN quoted contributions in its 2012 tax return. An additional 31.5% tax amounting to $3,150 was paid on these contributions. The fund’s due date for lodgment of its 2012 tax return and payment of tax was 31 March 2013. The fund was slightly overdue lodging its return and in paying its tax. It paid the full amount of tax owing including the additional $3,150 tax on the no-TFN quoted contributions on 7 April 2013.

    During 2012–13, Ian, a member of the fund, provided his TFN to the fund after he noticed that his account had been debited with $1,000 which was the amount of the additional tax paid on his no-TFN quoted contributions. Ian made a statement to the fund saying he gave his TFN to his employer Adrian Pty Ltd when he completed a TFN declaration on 10 September 2011.

    Caron Superannuation Fund prepares its 2013 tax return in March 2014 and anticipates that the return will be lodged on 31 March 2014.

    At E2 on the fund’s 2013 tax return, Caron Superannuation Fund claims as a no-TFN tax offset the $1,000 additional tax that was attributable to Ian’s no-TFN quoted contributions. (Ian’s no-TFN quoted contributions formed part of the $10,000 reported in the fund’s 2012 tax return and on which the fund paid the additional $3,150 tax.)

    Interest on the $1,000 is calculated for the period from 7 April 2013 (the day on which the fund paid the tax) until 31 March 2014 (the day on which the fund lodges its 2013 tax return and the day on which the assessment is deemed to be made).


    Number of days and interest rate calculation


    Apr–Jun 2013

    $1,000.00 x 85 x 2.950
    365 100


    Jul–Sep 2013

    $1,000.00 x 92 x *2.950
    365 100


    Oct–Dec 2013

    $1,000.00 x 92 x *2.950
    365 100


    Jan–Mar 2014

    $1,000.00 x 90 x *2.950
    365 100


    Total interest – rounded to the nearest cent




    ^ The total for each quarter is rounded to three decimal places.

    *The base interest rate applied for each of the quarters above was not available when going to print. Consequently, the rate for the period Apr–Jun 2013, 2.950%, is used for the purpose of this example.

    The fund is entitled to claim $29.02 interest at H6.

    End of example
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