J TOFA transitional balancing adjustment



This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

End of attention

Show at J the fund’s assessable or deductible amount from a transitional balancing adjustment for the income year, as a result of making the transitional election for existing financial arrangements.

If the transitional balancing adjustment is a deductible amount, print L in the Loss box.

Working out the fund's total assessable TOFA gains, deductible TOFA losses, and TOFA transitional balancing adjustment.

Ensure you take into account at H, I and J any amount in relation to a TOFA financial arrangement that you have shown at:

  • C Gross interest item 10
  • D Net foreign income item 10
  • D1 Gross foreign income item 10
  • I Gross distribution from partnerships item 10
  • J Unfranked dividend amount item 10
  • N Trust distributions unfranked amount item 10
  • Q Trust distributions other amounts item 10
  • G Foreign Exchange Gains item 10
  • S Other income item 10
  • A Interest expenses within Australia item 11
  • B Interest expenses overseas item 11
  • R Foreign exchange losses item 11
  • L Other deductions item 11.

You should take into account only once an amount at one of H, I and J.

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