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    For income tax purposes, taxable non-profit organisations are treated as either:

    • non-profit companies, or
    • other taxable companies.

    A non-profit organisation does not need to be incorporated to be treated as a company for income tax purposes.

    Non-profit companies that are Australian residents have a taxable threshold. If the taxable income of an Australian non-profit company in an income year is below the threshold, it is not required to lodge a tax return for that year.

    The taxable threshold for the 2011-12 income year is $416 of taxable income.

    However, the ATO may notify a particular company that it is required to lodge a return.

    Other taxable companies are taxed on every dollar of taxable income. They must lodge a tax return each year.

    Non-profit companies and other taxable companies use the company tax return.

    Further Information

    For more information, including working out whether your organisation is a non-profit company or other taxable company, see Lodgment rules and tax rates in Mutuality and taxable income.

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