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  • Assets for which deductions are claimed under the UCA



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    For certain depreciating assets, deductions must be claimed under the UCA rather than under the simplified depreciation rules:

    • assets that are leased out, or are expected to be leased out, for more than 50% of the time on a depreciating asset lease – this does not apply to depreciating assets subject to hire purchase agreements, or short-term hire agreements on an intermittent hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis where there is no substantial continuity of hiring. Depreciating assets used in rental properties are generally excluded from the simplified depreciation rules on the basis that they are subject to a depreciating asset lease
    • assets allocated to a low-value or a common–rate pool before entering the STS – those assets must remain in the pool and deductions must be claimed under the UCA rules
    • horticultural plants, and
    • in-house software where the development expenditure is allocated to a software development pool – see Software development pools.
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