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  • Effective life of intangible depreciating assets



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    The effective life of most intangible depreciating assets is prescribed under the UCA.


    Effective life in years

    1. Standard patent


    1. Innovation patent


    1. Petty patent


    1. Registered design


    1. Copyright (except copyright in a film)

    The shorter of 25 years from when you acquire it or the period until the copyright ends

    1. A licence (except one relating to a copyright or in-house software)

    The term of the licence

    1. A licence relating to a copyright (except copyright in a film)

    The shorter of 25 years from when you become the licensee or the period until the licence ends

    1. In-house software

    2  or 4*

    1. Spectrum licence

    The term of the licence

    1. Datacasting transmitter licence


    1. Telecommunications site access right

    The term of the right

    * see In-house software for more information.

    You do not have the choice of either working out the effective life yourself or using an effective life determined by the Commissioner for the intangible depreciating assets in the table above. In addition, the effective life of these depreciating assets cannot be recalculated.

    The effective life of an indefeasible right to use a telecommunications cable system is the effective life of the telecommunications cable over which the right is granted.

    The effective life of any other intangible depreciating asset cannot be longer than the term of the asset as extended by any reasonably assured extension or renewal of that term.

    If you acquire any of the intangible assets listed in the above table (except items 5, 7 or 8) from a former holder and you choose to calculate the asset's decline in value using the prime cost method, in the formula you must use the number of years remaining in that effective life at the start of the income year you acquired the asset, not the effective life shown in the table.

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