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  • When should you consider applying for SMSF specific advice?

    Typically, you would apply for SMSF specific advice when you want to be certain about how a super law applies to your SMSF's particular circumstances.

    In many cases, you may be satisfied by the information and guidance that are available through any of the main information services provided by the ATO. These include:

    • SMSF rulings and determinations
    • ATO booklets and website content
    • asking us to provide general written guidance.

    Written guidance provides general assistance to help you understand your obligations and duties, usually in situations where you have enquired about the broad operation of the law and have not provided full details of your specific circumstances.

    Written guidance often provides step-by-step guidance but is unlikely to cover all possibilities and does not address an SMSF's specific circumstances.

    If you cannot find the information you need in ATO publications, you can write asking us to provide general written guidance or contact us for assistance:

    • for super enquiries, phone 13 10 20
    • for account management, phone 13 11 42
    • for tax agents, phone 13 72 86 and select the relevant fast key code

    If none of these services is able to give you the answers you need, you should apply for SMSF specific advice using the relevant form.

    Last modified: 13 Aug 2021QC 22130