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  • Correcting MRRT instalment mistakes

    To correct a mistake or omission, you lodge a new instalment liability notice to correct the previous notice. Make sure you indicate the notice revision number by inserting it in the box provided on the top right hand side of the first page of the notice.

    If the entity has varied its rate for a previous quarter, you cannot revise the varied rate by lodging a revision to the MRRT instalment liability notice. A decision to vary an instalment rate is an irrevocable choice for the quarter to which it relates. However, the entity can vary its rate again in a later quarter.

    If you are correcting a mistake or omission, fill out the entire form. Do not just complete the questions that relate to the changes.

    Find out more

    For more information about:

    • varied rates and how to vary the rate for a quarter, refer to MRRT instalments
    • correcting a previous instalment notice, phone us on 13 28 66 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
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