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  • Instructions for MRRT return MPI schedule

    Read these instructions before completing the Minerals resource rent tax (MRRT) return mining project interest (MPI) schedule (NAT 74258).

    Complete a separate schedule for every MPI the entity has at the end of the period to which the corresponding MRRT return relates. Also complete this schedule for every pre-mining project interest (PMPI) the entity holds and residual MPI the entity has if either:

    • revenue exceeds expenditure
    • the entity is claiming a rehabilitation tax offset amount.

    You do not need to lodge this schedule if the entity has chosen the simplified MRRT method for the MRRT year to which the MRRT return relates.

    Along with the entity's Minerals resource rent tax (MRRT) return, you will usually have to lodge a:

    You do not need to lodge this schedule for an MPI if the termination day has occurred for the MPI unless the interest has revenue or incurred expenditure during the return period.

    Express all amounts on the MRRT return MPI schedule and associated attachments in Australian dollars. Round down to whole dollar amounts (do not include cents). If the entity has chosen to use a functional currency for income tax purposes, the same functional currency applies for MRRT.

    Find out more:

    • How to work out MRRT
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