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  • Attachment C: Transferred allowances

    If one Attachment C is not sufficient to provide all details, complete as many Attachment Cs as necessary.

    At the top of the page, provide the:

    • number of each Attachment C attached – these should be numbered sequentially (for example, place 1 on the first Attachment C the entity completes, 2 for the second Attachment C, and so on). Do not restart the numbering for each combined MPI
    • total number of Attachment Cs completed for the entity (for example, if you have completed six Attachment Cs for one combined MPI and two Attachment Cs for another combined MPI, insert 8)
    • corresponding MPI schedule number – this is the number from the first set of boxes at the top of the first page of the corresponding MPI schedule.

    Provide for each transferred allowance amount:

    • whether the transfer is a transferred royalty allowance, a transferred pre-mining loss allowance, or a transferred mining loss allowance
    • the type of interest from which the amount was transferred – an MPI or a PMPI
    • the mine or exploration project name
    • the tenement or lease number
    • the state or territory that issued the tenement or lease number
    • the amount transferred.

    An MPI can have all three types of transferred allowances. A PMPI can only have a transferred pre-mining loss allowance.

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