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  • Schedule information

    Number each schedule and provide the total number of schedules.

    If this is a revision to a previously lodged MRRT return MPI schedule, indicate the revision number in the box provided (1 for first revision, 2 for second revision, and so on). Also provide the schedule number of the original schedule you would like to revise. Fill out the form in full. Do not just provide the information affected by the revision.

    Find out more:

    'Correcting MRRT return or schedule mistakes' in Instructions for MRRT return

    Under the heading ‘Specify the period to which the return relates’ insert in the:

    • first set of boxes, the day, month and year of the first day of the return period
    • second set of boxes, the day, month and year of the last day of the return period.

    The period of the schedule is the same as the entity’s corresponding MRRT return.

    Last modified: 13 Sep 2013QC 26704