Section E: Product details

We require this information to ensure you are applying for the correct licence and to determine whether you need to lodge a financial security before we issue you a licence.

Question 18

Provide details of the person or business that will supply you with the tobacco leaf or tobacco (including the quantity in kilograms per year) to be used in the manufacture of your products.

Question 19

Provide details of the products you intend to manufacture. The product details should identify the type and quantity (in kilograms or sticks) of tobacco products that you will produce in a year.

You must ensure that:

  • you do not have any manufactured tobacco containing more than 30% of moisture
  • your products are packaged in the approved weight and sizes
  • manufacturing residue (including waste tobacco) is destroyed in the approved manner.

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Question 20

If you intend to move tobacco products from your licensed premises to other licensed premises before the excise duty has been paid, provide a description of the products and the quantities you wish to move each month.

Before you can move tobacco products from your premises, you must mark these packages in the approved manner.


You will also need a movement permission from the ATO. You can apply for a movement permission by completing an application form, available at Moving excisable goods or by phoning us.

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Question 21

Provide details of the person or business that you will market the tobacco to (including the quantity in kilograms or sticks per year).

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