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  • Notification of choice made to consolidate for PRRT

    Use this form to make the choice to consolidate for PRRT and notify us of the choice. Consolidation for PRRT applies only to interests in onshore petroleum projects.

    A head company of an income tax consolidated group or multiple entry consolidated (MEC) group, or a provisional head company of a MEC group, can choose to consolidate its interests in onshore petroleum projects for PRRT purposes.

    The PRRT consolidated group or MEC group needs to be the same as the consolidated group or MEC group for income tax purposes.

    Information about how to fill in and lodge the notification is provided on the form.


    The choice to consolidate for PRRT purposes can be made on or after 1 July 2012. The choice needs to be made in writing in the approved form. Notification of the choice needs to be lodged with us within 21 days of making the choice, or within such further time as we allow.

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